SMS / Mail / Sound alerts while FTP, WWW,  MYSQL, SMTP, POP3... services get consecutive connection timeout
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Port_Alert V5.4 Easy to setup - Screenshot 

  • Why monitoring TCP ports - Server services such as FTP Server is using TCP port 21, SSH server port 22, TELNET server(23), SMTP Server(25), DNS server(53), Http server(80), POP3 server(110), IMAP server(443), MS SQL(1433), Oracle server(1521), MYSQL server(3306) or self defined port #. TCP Ports are numerical identifiers in host to host communications. Monitoring TCP port # is monitoring these services on your servers. Technical Article on  for the Port_Alert software
  • Setup any numbers of consecutive connection timeout to get alerts - Monitoring TCP ports and alert you only when the TCP ports connect timeout on a continuous time period. You can setup any # of consecutive 1 or 2 or 3,...10...20..100..500.. timeout to send you alerts.
  • Alert you only when TCP ports connect timeout the first time reach the consecutive # - No keep sending you alerts when servers remain timeout. Alert you again when connection get back to normal then alert you next time get consecutive timeout. Keep monitoring 7/24 and send you alerts.
  • No alerts loss via 2 different mail servers - Mail alerts send out from our mail server and has option to send out from yours or Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail SMTP server at the same time to let you get mail alert even if our site has problem. Check Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail setup
  • Save timeout detail information to log file and separate the log files by date automatically.
  • Allow to limit SMS sending a day - Cap # of SMS sending to avoid large SMS alerts when abnormal situation happened. if you set max. # is 10 then the 10th SMS will have 10/10 in the end. No SMS alert but you still can get mail alerts. Counter will be reset at 00:00 to let you get SMS alerts next day
  • I am alive notice - Setup to mail you the current monitoring log periodically to let you know program is running and watching your servers
  • Freeware for all Windows. SMS cost only. Register to get password and free SMS to try
  • Monitoring locally and send instant SMS alert locally or globally to your clients. Global coverage 
  • If you need batch update or maintain host configuration file - click START then input %appdata%. Go to "Users\ username\ AppData\local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Port_Alert". Update host.ini.
  • Alert text in SMS / Mail will be Host Name / IP address + Port + Last Status + Description + timeout duration, start and end time stamp. Below is alert text example
  • Alert for 1433 Down(01:21:42) Internal MSSQL DB 57 seconds (8 times) connect timeout from 2015-08-21 01:20:45 to 01:21:42
  • 1433 ALIVE(2015-08-21 02:01:44) Internal MSSQL DB Back to Alive

Set up # of consecutive timeout to trigger ALERT. Column "Timeout #" is the  # of consecutive connection timeout which you can define. Column "Count" is the count of consecutive timeout (down). Alert will be sent only when Count = Timeout.


No sending alert and counter will be reset if it back to alive just after 1,2,3 or 4  consecutive connection timeout (eg, you setup alert timeout # to 5 as below)


Ping_Alert Port_Alert
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Ping_Alert Port_Alert


Ping_Alert - PING monitor and alert you when PING loss on a continue time period.

SMS4Mail - Set criteria to filter outlook incoming email's "Sender" and "Subject" then auto forward to phones via SMS