Get alerts when Windows CPU or MEMORY utilization continues High
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  • Download and register to get Free SMS to test, another Email alert only version, no registration required with full function test. Linux version here.
  • Get alerts only when CPU/MEM usage get consecutive higher than threshold for a period of time - For example, if you want to get alerts when CPU keep higher than 90% for 50 seconds then you can setup 90% threshold for 10 consecutive times and 5 seconds for monitoring cycle.
  • It needs administrator authority to run the program. Program has been tested in Win10/Win11 and Win Server 2022/2019/2016/2012R2. Monitoring CPU/MEM usage, the usage data is same as Windows Task Manager

  • It does not keep sending you alerts when usage remains high - Alert you once only when normal -> consecutive abnormal high -> normal status changed. Let you know when it is abnormal and when it is back
  • Alert message includes server CPU/MEM usage,TOP1 program name and Windows TaskList command output
  • Save machine CPU/MEM usage, TOP1 program and time to log file each time the usage exceed threshold
  • Allow to setup killable program name list - Program will be killed when usage reach the threshold number and if the program is in killable program name list
  • If you have a suspect program, it allows you to enable specific program monitoring and has an option to set it to be killed at a specific threshold limit.
  • Alerts include SMS, Email and Sound. SMS and Email alerts send out from our server and has option to email additional alert via Local/Hotmail/Yahoo/Free SMTP at the same time to ensure you can receive alerts. Sound play 3 times for alert sending and 1 time when return to normal
  • Allow to limit SMS sending a day - Cap # of SMS sending to avoid large SMS alert when abnormal situation happened. if you set max. # is 10 then the 10th SMS will have 10/10 in the end. No SMS alert but you still can get mail alert. Counter will be reset at 00:00 to let you get SMS alert next day.
  • Allow not to send alert in some time slot - Sometimes it is normal to keep high usage while server is running batch jobs at midnight  
  • I am Alive mail notification - Has option to setup mailing you the current monitoring log periodically to let you know monitoring program is up and running
  • Instructions to add to Windows Registry to auto start program when Windows start
  • Below is the alert text example to your mobile phone

09-08 22:01:21 Web Server CPU 98% exceed 95% for 100 sec.(10 times). *test.exe killed(True). TOP1 :  test.exe 87% @22:00:10 *test.exe(9),firefox.exe(1)

  • Web Server : server name to tell you which server sending alert
  • for 10 sec.(10 times) is the consecutive seconds and counts which the CPU is higher than the setting  
  • *test.exe killed(True) : True means the program was killed successfully. This is only when you have setup the option to kill the TOP1 program
  • TOP1 : test.exe 87% @22:00:10 was the TOP1 usage program and the time it happened
  • *test.exe(9),firefox.exe(1) - test.exe was TOP1 usage for 9 times, firefox.exe was for 1 time