Get alerts when Linux CPU/ MEMORY utilization continues high for a period of time & back to normal
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Download CPU Usage Monitor and Alert for Linux

  • Get alerts when Linux CPU or Memory utilization continues high for xx seconds/ minutes - You can setup consecutive 1 or 2, and usage yy% as threshold limit. Get alerts only when CPU / Memory usage has consecutive xx times higher than yy%
  • Alert you only when the first time reach the consecutive # - No keep sending you alerts when the usage remains high. Alert you again when usage back to normal then alert you next time the usage higher than threshold. Keep monitoring 7/24 and send you alerts.
  • No alerts for short high Spikes. No keep sending alerts when utilization remains high
  • Alert message will tell you the TOP command TOP1 usage data including PID , CPU / MEM usage and program name. See below sample
  • In addition to receive instant SMS on your phones, it supports SSL for SMTP serve. You can setup your SMTP server or Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail server to receive TOP command data. Check Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail setup
  • Freeware and easy to use. Unzip and Setup two files.  1) cpualert_setup.txt for threshold and 2) cpualert_email.txt for SMTP server. Run cpualert 

Sample for SMS alert text SuSe CPU now 100% higher than 75% for 3 times (TOP1:31118 root 20 0 4080 676 596 R 99.6 0.1 0:30.60 cpuloop

  • TOP1: is TOP command sort %CPU or %MEM first ONE data
  • Alert sending when first time reach the threshold and consecutive # 

  • No alerts sending when keep higher than threshold

  • Alert sending when back to normal

  • Alert sending when reach the threshold and consecutive # after back to normal