Get alert when Linux CPU/ MEMORY usage continues high for a period of time and back to normal
CPU_Alert /


Get alert on phones and auto email you the high usage log everyday. Check here for Windows version

  • Keep it running in Linux 7/24 to get instant alert for consecutive high usage, also receive daily log in your email inbox for those not consecutive high to let you check log from email directly. Download and Unzip to 1) cpualert_setup.txt for threshold and 2) cpualert_email.txt for SMTP server. 3) cpualert. You can run it in background with silent mode by running cpualert -s & if tested OK. Register to get free SMS to test
  • Get alert when CPU/MEM usage continues high for a period of time - You can setup consecutive 1 or 2, and usage yy% as threshold limit. Get alert only when CPU / Memory usage has consecutive xx times higher than yy%. 
  • No alert for short high Spikes. No continue sending alert when utilization remains high - Alert you only when the first time reach the defined consecutive times and alert you again when usage back to normal. Let you know when is abnormal and when is back to normal
  • Alert message will tell you the CPU/MEM usage and TOP1 data including PID, USER, %CPU, %MEM, TIME, COMMAND. See below sample
  • Has option to KILL TOP1 process when consecutive high than a KILLCOUNT number and alert text will tell you which PID & COMMAND has been killed. You can setup a SMALL threshold number and a BIG killcount number to get alert immediately and kill TOP1 process if CPU/MEM usage consecutive high for a log period of time 
  • SMS and Email alerts send out from our server and has option to send additional email alert thru your own or Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail SMTP server at the same time to ensure you can receive alerts. Check Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail setup
  • Write to log file with TOP1 program name, PID and timestamp whenever CPU/MEM higher than threshold. 
  • IamAlive mail notification - Mail you today's log at midnight everyday to let you check the daily log from mail directly and you also can know program is up and running

Sample for SMS alert text SuSe CPU now 100% higher than 75% for 10 times (TOP1- PID: 31118 USER: root %CPU: 99.6 %MEM: 0.1 TIME: 5:30.60 COMMAND: loopcpu

  • TOP1 data is the TOP command and sort %CPU or %MEM
  • Alert sending when first time reach the threshold and consecutive # 

  • No alert sending when keep higher than threshold

  • Alert sending when back to normal

  • Alert sending when reach the threshold and consecutive # after back to normal