Get alert when Socket connect to TCP ports timeout continuously such as 21(FTP),80(WWW),3306(MYSQL) .....
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Get alert on phones and auto email you the timeout log everyday. Check here for Windows version

  • Keep it running in Linux 7/24 to get instant alert when get consecutive timeout for TCP ports connection and you can also receive daily log in your email inbox for those not consecutive timeout to let you check log from email directly. Download and unzip to 1) portalert_host.txt for host and ports setup.2) portalert_ setup.txt for account setup to receive SMS alert 3) portalert email.txt for SMTP setup to receive mail alert 4) portalert program. Run it directly. No installation required. Register to get free SMS to test
  • Services such as FTP using port 21, SSH(22), TELNET(23), SMTP(25), DNS(53), Httpd(80),MSSQL(1433), MYSQL(3306).. or self defined port #. TCP Ports are numerical identifiers in host to host communications. Monitoring TCP ports connection is monitoring these services on your servers.
  • Alert you only when TCP ports connect timeout the first time reach the consecutive # - No keep sending you alert when servers remain timeout. Alert you again when connection get back to normal then alert you next time get consecutive timeout
  • SMS and Email alerts send out from our server and has option to send additional email alert thru your own or Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail SMTP server at the same time to ensure you can receive alerts. Check Gmail/ Yahoo/ Hotmail setup
  • You can run it in background with silent mode by running portalert -s & if tested OK
  • Write to log file with timestamp whenever socket to TCP port connect timeout/error
  • IamAlive mail notification - Mail you today's log at midnight everyday to let you check the daily log from mail directly and you also can know program is up and running
  • Below is alert text example for SMS and Email. Description + Host/IP + Port + Timeout Start time + End Time
  • 2019-08-25 13:59:12 NY MYSQL Server TCP connect 5 timeout from 2019-08-25 13:57:56 to 2019-08-25 13:59:12
  • 2019-08-25 14:01:18 Back to normal for NY MYSQL Server