Note : You will get server is not available message if the SMTP account or password is wrong. Gmail is not supported

  1. SMTP server setup

Hotmail Setup

Mail server :  PORT : 25
Username & Mail from :  (Hotmail account)
Password : Hotmail password

Yahoo setup

Mail server :  PORT : 465
Username & Mail from :  (Yahoo account)
Password : Yahoo password

**Important** - Your Yahoo account must enable "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" 

Login your Yahoo mail account and go to Account Info -> Account security to change 


  1. Test to receive mail  ( Same setting for Ping_Alert, Port_Alert and CPU_Alert programs) 

  Click "Send Test Mail" then input the mail address to receive test mail to check if it is working  


  1. Ping_Alert  Port_Alert  CPU_Alert  send test mail screen