Note : You will get server is not available message if the SMTP account or password is wrong. Gmail is not supported

            Most of the public SMTP server has outgoing mail limitation per day. Yahoo is 500 per day and hotmail is 300 per day

           Do not have # in your email password , which is program control character  

  1. SMTP server setup

Hotmail Setup

Mail server :  PORT : 25
Username & Mail from :  (Hotmail account)
Password : Hotmail password

Yahoo setup

Mail server :  PORT : 465
Username & Mail from :  (Yahoo account)
Password : Yahoo password

**Important** - Your Yahoo account must enable "Allow apps that use less secure sign in" 

Login your Yahoo mail account and go to Account Info -> Account security to change 


  1. Test to receive mail  ( Same setting for Ping_Alert, Port_Alert and CPU_Alert programs) 

  Click "Send Test Mail" then input the mail address to receive test mail to check if it is working  


  1. Ping_Alert  Port_Alert  CPU_Alert  send test mail screen