Get alerts when continues PING loss, TCP ports connect timeout, CPU/ MEM usage keep consecutive high
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Ping_Alert Port_Alert
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Ping_Alert Port_Alert
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Free tool to monitor and alert you with SMS, Email and Sound immediately when get PING consecutive loss <--> normal or TCP ports consecutive connection timeout <--> normal or CPU/MEM usage consecutive abnormal high <--> normal status changed. Alert you once only when the status changed. It does no keep sending you alerts when it remains abnormal. Let you know when is down and when is back exactly. Linux and Windows version.

  • Ping_Alert : PING monitoring and alert. Alert you when PING consecutive loss and restored
  • Port_Alert : Monitor TCP ports connection such as port 21 for FTP, 22(SSH), 23(TELNET), 25(SMTP), 53(DNS), 80(Httpd), 110(POP3), 1433(MSSQL), 3306(MYSQL) or any self defined port numbers. Monitoring TCP ports connection is monitoring those services.
  • CPU_Alert : Monitoring CPU/MEMORY and send you alert when usage continues higher or lower than threshold and alert you again when return back to normal. There are lots of servers running in the corner or cloud, this tool can help you to monitor and keep CPU in a suitable utilization level. CPU long-time Not working alert you, short-time Overloading alert you too
  • SMSCMD : Windows / Linux command line send SMS directly. No installation required. smscmd "smscmd sending sms" "phone1,phone2"or input from file smscmd "text.txt" "phone.txt". Password file can be encrypted and put in local. Easy to be called by any types of program or put into Windows Scheduler or Linux cron table
  • SMS4Mail :  Setup criteria to filter outlook incoming unread email's "Subject" and "Sender" then auto-forward to phones via SMS
  • SMS4PayPal : Get SMS and additional email notification with detail transaction information whenever get PayPal paid or refunded. Easy to enable/disable within 2 minutes
  • MailCMD - Windows command to send mail and attachment. No installation required and SSL supported. Response back with "Mail sent successfully with return code 0" or "Mail sent failure" for your program to take action. Also response back the attached file name and file size if there is an attachment