SMS / Mail / Sound alerts when PING loss , TCP ports connect timeout or CPU high on a continuous time period
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"Consecutive" is the measurement to send you alert, you may or may not want to get alerts while servers restored from 1 or 2 ping loss, TCP ports connect timeout or CPU high.

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SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert
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SMSCMD Ping_Alert Port_Alert CPU_Alert

CPU Usage monitor and Alert -
Alert you and close the hogging CPU process if it is on pre-defined list


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Monitor your internet or local LAN servers, and alert you when PING loss or TCP services such as  FTP/WWW/SQL/DNS.. connect timeout on a continuous time period. Setup consecutive 1 or 2 or 3,4..or 10...50... PING loss or TCP ports connect timeout to send you alert. Only alert you once when server PING loss or connect timeout the first time reach the setting. No keep sending you alerts while the server remain ping loss or connect timeout. Alert you again when it restored. Mail alerts not only send from our server but also has option to send from your own or Yahoo, Hotmail public SMTP server (SSL supported), this will let you get mail alerts independent of our server

Ping_Alert Alert when PING loss on a continue time period and restored.   
Port_Alert Server services such as FTP Server is using TCP port 21, SSH(22) , SMTP(25), WWW(80), POP3(110), MSSQL(1433), Oracle(1521), MYSQL(3306),.. . Monitoring TCP port # is monitoring these services. Article on ghacks.net about Port_Alert 
CPU_Alert Not only monitor and alert you the hogging CPU or Memory program name when your server's CPU or Memory usage exceed the threshold limit on a continuous time period but also monitor a specific program, and has option to kill it.
SMSCMD Window command line and Linux / Unix console send SMS Run directly. No installation required. Any type of program can easy pass alert text to SMSCMD to send SMS for event or incident
SMS4Mail Filter pop3  mail's "from" , "subject" and convert to SMS
SMS4PayPal Get immediate SMS notice on phones anywhere anytime whenever get PayPal paid or money refunded