Get alert when CPU/ MEM usage continues high/low for a period of time and back to normal
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Keep CPU in a suitable utilization level
CPU long-time Not working alert you, short-time Overloading alert you too

  • Download CPU_Alert email alert version 5.0, no registration needed. Check Here for another SMS&Email alert version.

  • Get email alert when CPU/MEM usage continues higher or lower than threshold for a period of time - For example, if you want the server to keep CPU utilization between 20% to 90% then you can setup CPU threshold 20 and 90. The program will alert you when CPU continues higher than 90% or lower than 20%

  • It does not keep sending you alerts when the usage remains abnormal high or low - Alert you once only when normal <--> consecutive High/Low status changed. Let you know when it is abnormal and when it is back.  

  • Sample alert message in mail

12-18 09:21:23 DESKTOP-IHHC3MH SQL server CPU usage HIGH alert :100% exceed 75% for 30 sec.(5 times).TOP1 : firefox.exe 23.4% @09:21:00 *firefox.exe(3),*WmiPrvSE.exe(1),audiodg.exe(1)

*Note : DESKTOP-IHHC3MH SQL server is the Computer name /  Description which you have setup for each device. See below General Settings screen 

Also email you the current Windows TaskList command output, below is the sample. CPU usage sorted by name and MEMORY sorted by size  (The number of 20 minutes and 50 MB can be setup)

Task List for CPU total usage time > 20 minutes
2020-12-18 09:21:23

Image Name PID Session Name Session# Mem Usage
========================= ======== ================ 
acumbrellaagent.exe 7420 Services 0 23,328 K
atmgr.exe 6956 Console 2 4,208 K
audiodg.exe 3052 Services 0 164,000 K
dwm.exe 8308 Console 2 27,880 K
explorer.exe 16632 Console 2 68,904 K
ptoneclk.exe 16212 Console 2 11,116 K
sqlservr.exe 5620 Services 0 9,232 K
svchost.exe 3468 Services 0 8,500 K

Task List for MEMORY usage > 50MB
2020-12-18 09:21:28

firefox.exe 24888 Console 2 516,956 K
Memory Compression 2968 Services 0 168,876 K
audiodg.exe 3052 Services 0 164,000 K
firefox.exe 24988 Console 2 152,236 K
MsMpEng.exe 5572 Services 0 137,328 K
chrome.exe 1496 Console 2 84,492 K
explorer.exe 16632 Console 2 79,604 K
chrome.exe 18136 Console 2 77,716 K
powershell.exe 26892 Services 0 76,140 K
chrome.exe 15956 Console 2 75,536 K

  • Alerts include Email and Sound. Setup suitable threshold to email you alerts before 7/24 servers get problems. Setup Primary and Secondary SMTP server to email you alerts, SendGrid SMTP relay service (API key for password, no security concern, 100/day for free) or Local/Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail is supported. Sound play 3 times for alert sending and 1 time for back to normal
  • Save machine CPU/MEM usage, TOP1 program and time to log file each time the usage exceed threshold
  • Allow to setup killable program name list - Program will be killed when usage reach the threshold limit if program is in killable program name list
  • Trigger program to be executed - Program will be executed when usage consecutive High/Low threshold number reached  
  • I am Alive mail notification - Has option to setup mailing you the current monitoring log periodically to let you know monitoring program is up and running
  • $USD20 each device license, check here to buy license. Trial version has full function but time duration is limited for email alerts sending. Import license key to move trial version to licensed version, no registration required and no connection to our server.
  • Program screenshot