SMSexcel - Simple and batch SMS sending from EXCEL
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SMSCMD Unicode
Window command to send unicode SMS such as Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Thai ...etc. No installation required.
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SMSexcel V1.0 (2.8MB)  

  • Select any EXCEL file import ROW range of a column
  • Import from multiple row ranges from multiple EXCEL files and append to accumulate to do one batch sending
  • Check and remove duplicate mobile phone numbers
  • Record the mobile # and text for next time to resend
  • Record mobile # and text to local log file
  • Keep and load last time mobile # and text when program started 
  • If you get problem in installation try download zip file to install. Unzip and run setup.exe to install
  • SMS text support Unicode for multi-languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Korean...etc. You can put your local mobile # or put leading + with country code to global. Global coverage
  • 2 Way SMS supported for United States to forward original text forwarded to your email inbox. Login and update your profile to enable it easily. It's useful for SMSCMD to send bulk sms to your clients and get response. .

Simple sending SMS or import from EXCEL file

Import from excel and you can click "Load Sample" to see the sample
Click "Start to import" then click "Replace" or "Append" 

You can Click "Check duplicate phones" before click "Send"