1.Input the a) Host name/ IP Address  b) select the port  c) Input the description d) click Add

Note: For self-defined port, you can select "Others(????)" and change the ???? to your port #,for example Others(1414)

1.1.Above screen

2. Click "Settings" to setup

2.1 Select "Cap max SMS sending a day  to avoid any unexpected situation" . Select 9999 if no limitation

2.2 Setup SMTP server to send you mal alert via your own server or public servers such as Yahoo or Hotmail, it is SSL supported.

2.3 You can enable "I am alive notice" . Schedule to send you Mail notification with latest status log periodically .

3. Check Yahoo and Hotmail SMTP setup if you want "Enable sending mail alert via 2nd SMTP server at the same time"