/ - Setup PayPal IPN to receive SMS notification

 Step1 :

  • You can update below URL manually or click here to generate the URL automatically and it also send test SMS to your mobile phone to verify you can receive SMS 
  • Replace xxxxx below to update manually,xxxxxxxxxxx&tz=xx&

  • email & pwd : your email account and password in our site. Click to register to get pwd and free SMS to test
  • to : the mobile # to get SMS notification. It is international format with country code eg: 852912345678,44798765432
  • tz : your local time zone. For example Hong Kong +8 Brazil -3
  • email_list : additional email to get PayPal notification. Separated by , for multiple (this parameter is optional)

Sample URL to Hong Kong mobile number 852941234567

Step 2 : Enable IPN and Paste URL (the URL from Step1)

  • Summary -> Selling tools -> Instant Payment Notifications -> Update  


  • Select "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)"  and PASTE the URL from Step1 to below "Notification URL"   

  • Select  "Do not receive IPN messages (Disabled)"  - Only need to do this action to disable SMS notification