Email / SMS / Sound alerts when consecutive PING loss , TCP ports connect timeout or CPU usage keep high
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Using SMSCMD to send SMS to your customers and they can text back to your email inbox directly - United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Germany, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, and Switzerland supported
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I am alive notice feature to mail you the latest monitoring log periodically.  It makes you no worry, your servers are monitored and need to check only if you do not get the mail notification.   

Freeware. Only SMS cost.

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Ping_Alert Port_Alert


SMSCMD "my SMS text" "phone"  Run in Linux / Windows command line directly. No installation

SMSexcel - Import and append multi-row ranges from multiple excel files, and remove duplicate numbers to send bulk sms

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Monitoring your servers and alert you when PING loss or TCP ports connect timeout for FTP/WWW/SMTP/MYSQL.. on a continuous time period. Setup consecutive number 1,2 or 3 ..50..100... ping loss or TCP connect time to alert you when the first time reach the number. No keep sending you alerts when servers remain ping loss or TCP connect timeout. Alert you again when back to normal then alert you next time PING loss or TCP connection timeout. Keep monitoring your servers 7/24 and send you alerts. Mail alert send out from our mail server and has option to send out from your own or Yahoo / Hotmail mail server at the same time to let you get alerts without loss.

Ping_Alert PING your servers constantly and alert you only if PING loss or no PING response on a continues time period. Alert you again when PING back to normal then alert you next time PING loss. Keep PING monitoring your server 7/24 and send you alerts.
Port_Alert Server services such as FTP Server is using TCP port 21, SSH(22) , SMTP(25), WWW(80),MYSQL(3306)... or other self defined ports. Alert you when the TCP connect timeout on a continuous time period. Alert you again when back to normal then alert you next time connect timeout. Monitoring TCP ports 7/24 and send you alerts. ghacks.net for Port_Alert program 
CPU_Alert Alert you the hogging CPU or Memory program name when usage exceed the pre-defined threshold limit on a continuous time period, and has option to kill them.
SMSCMD Windows / Linux command line send SMS. No installation required. Run directly. Easy to be triggered or called by any types of program.
SMS4Mail Filter pop3  mail's "from" , "subject" and convert to SMS
SMS4PayPal Get SMS with transaction information on phones immediately whenever get PayPal paid or money refunded.
SMSexcel Import and append multiple excel for batch SMS sending