Email / SMS / Sound alerts when consecutive PING loss , TCP ports connect timeout or CPU usage keep high
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Ping_Alert Port_Alert
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Ping_Alert Port_Alert


2 ways SMS support for SMSCMD. The replied  SMS will go to your mail inbox directly along with the original sent text, phone # and sent time

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PING your servers constantly and alert you only when PING loss on a continues time period. Alert you on the first time reach the consecutive PING loss number. No keep sending you alerts when servers remain ping loss Alert you again when back to normal then alert you next time consecutive loss.

Port_Alert - Server services such as FTP is using TCP port 21, SSH(22), SMTP(25), WWW(80), MYSQL(3306) ... or other self defined ports. Alert you when the TCP port connect timeout on a continuous time period. No keep sending you alerts when TCP port remain connection timeout Alert you again when back to normal then alert you next time TCP port consecutive connect timeout

CPU_Alert  - Alert you the hogging CPU or Memory program name when usage exceed the pre-defined threshold limit on a continuous time period, and has option to kill them.

- Windows / Linux command line send SMS. No installation required. Encrypted password file used to share to team to send SMS securely. smscmd "the most easy to send sms" "phone1,phone2"

SMS4Mail - Filter pop3  mail's "from" , "subject" and convert to SMS

- Received instant SMS with detail transaction information on phones whenever get PayPal paid or refunded. Easy to enable/disable within 2 minutes.

MailCMD - Windows command to send mail and attachment. No installation required. SSL supported to use Hotmail, Yahoo,...etc to send mail

Freeware. Only SMS alert cost. Alerts include SMS, Email and Sound alerts. Email alerts send out from our mail server and has option to send out from your own or Yahoo / Hotmail SMTP server at the same time to make sure you can 100% receive alerts